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Document for New Connection

Documents Required for New Connection Following documents should be submitted with the application for new connection: 2 (two) copies passport size photograph of the applicant; Certified copy of Land Ownership Documents; Certified design of premises approved by Union Parisad or City Corporation along with Nam-Jari, Holding Number, Dag Number, Khatian Number, or Chairman/Commissioner Certificate (if design is not approved); Required necessary Electric Load; Certified copy of Rent/Lease Agreement of Premises (if applicable); Certified copy of Owners approval, in case of rental premises; If there are any previous connection, description of previous connection and copy of last paid bill; Description of Temporary Connection (if applicable); Trade License (if applicable); Direction Design of Connection Place; Proper approval of the concerned authority for Industry (Like, Forestry Department, BSTI, Local Administration, etc.); Implementaion of Power Factor Improvement Plant (for Industry); Service Line Length will not be more for 130-feet for premitive house & 130-feet for Building; Certified copy of Contract Agreement between builder and flat-owner of High-rise residential/commercial building. Additional Documents Required for Connection Over 45KVA Certified copy of Pourasava or Housing approved Plan/Design of Premises, Layout Plan of Sub-station and Single Line Diagram; Declaration to provide the Meter Room; Specification Test Result of all equipments installed at Sub-station and Clearance Certificate of Sub-station from Office of the Electrical Advisor and Chief Electrical Inspector(EA & CEI). Additional Documents Required for Connection of Industry & 6 Storied Building Clearance Certificate form Department of Environment (if applicable); Certified copy of clearance certificate from Fire Service & Civil Defence.